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Freds rejoice!  Global positioning systems (GPS), bike computers, power meters, lights and heart rate monitors...  Cycling goes high tech. 

GPS systems, power meters and other bike computers are maturing into more that mere speedometers and navigation aids.  Recent innovations include a myriad of functions,  heart rate, cadence (pedal rpm), directions, power (your wattage generated), calories burned, distance, speed, multiple timers and more.  Many of the more high end devices connect to computers and may sync with fitness programs to track your progress.  An article that explains the systems (GPS, power meters, traditional, etc) and what is available is planned in the future.

Lights have matured as well.  With the advent of newer generation LED's, rechargeable batteries, even remote switches, lights are better than ever. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights will light up the darkest trail. 

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